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Dana Hatic is a journalist living in Boston. She grew up in Florida but has (mostly) adapted to the northern climate and keeps finding new things to love in this great city.


Dana earned her master’s degree in journalism from Boston University.

She has worked as a writer, editor, web producer, blogger, and social media manager for various outlets in Boston. Currently, she serves as the associate editor for Eater Boston and is a contributor for

During grad school, Dana was an editor for the BU News Service and part of a team that took home two Online Journalism Awards for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.

On this site, please enjoy samples of her published work, and if you are interested in talking with Dana or hiring her for freelance work, please send her an email. She loves writing breaking news, reading national news and stories about foreign policy, and involving herself in anything sports-related.

Dana completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Miami, where she studied journalism and political science and spent a ridiculous amount of time in the pool as a member of the university’s swim team.

In her spare time, Dana coaches swimming, bakes bread, rides her bike, and makes obscure references to random movies. She also supports Team Fox Boston, a community fundraising arm of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Keep up with Dana on Twitter @danahatic or Instagram.

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